Workshop / CoWorkspace

Workshop / CoWorkspace

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Are you part of an CoWorkspace where entrepreneurs work on making their ideas reality ? Do you want to support your members and help them to intergrade the power of branding into their work? I offer one or two day workshops to create a blue print for any business and get an overview on your audience and there needs. This workshop is meant for groups of min. 5 people up to max. 15 people.

1 DAY - What will you learn? - 2,5 hours

  • Autonomy of a brand

  • Audience research

  • Brand promises

  • Persona insights

2 DAY - What will you learn? - 2,5 hours

  • Brand research

  • Brand Mission, Vision, Values, Essence

  • Brand Brainstorm on Visual & Verbal Identity

  • Pitch time!

Who is it for?

  • Group of entrepreneurs

  • CoWorkspaces

Day 1 & 2 can also be combined on one day.

Do you want to offer something custom made for your group?
Please drop me a message to talk about the opportunities.

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