Align the goals of your organisation to the needs of your audience — become a future ready brand.

I have collaborated with over a 200 impact entrepreneurs, start-up’s and businesses from 15 different countries.


Juliette Schraauwers is founder of Brand it forward & #DIYBRAND. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012.

With over 10 years of experience in Sustainable Branding Strategy and Design, she has been working with a diverse group of talented Change makers from every corner of the world. Working part-time on the road and with a home-base in the Netherlands.

In 2013 she was presenting her graduation project on the tv show ‘Spuiten & Slikken’ (BNN).

In 2014 she got nominated for the ‘Sex and Media Prize’ for her graduation project.

In 2016 she became the FOTY Awards Freelancer of the Year (design) in the Netherlands.

In 2018 she became a WildCare Participant @ the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.

In 2019, after working with the model for many years, she became an official Brand the Change trainer.

Juliette works with a small tribe of passionate freelancers. Her office fits in suitcase, which allows her to work remote and meet her ambitious clients all over the world. Or you can find her on the road working from her self-converted T5 Office/Camper Van.

By working with her, she is able to donate 10% of her time to start a Green School in the Netherlands.


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