STEP 3 - Impact. Launch & Grow

STEP 3 - Impact. Launch & Grow


Now it’s time to launch your brand into the world and go public. Going live is great an opportunity to make that first connection to your audience or press to generate publicity. Keep in mind: The first impression always lasts. So whether you gradually roll-out of host a big launch party, make it count!

We will work towards a date of your choice to go public. Together we have to decide what tools, material and resources are needed to launch your brand into the world. So we will develop the first basis experiences needed to launch your brand.

• Launch consult & marking budget

• Brainstorm to generate ideas with you and/or your team

• Launch Concept creation

• Presentation Concept launch

• Launch Action plan

What is not included?

  • The tools, design and marketing materials to go live. We do offer a large variety of services on request.

Building a brand is an ongoing process of developing new ways to interact with your audience through meaningful engagement, to grow your reputation and catalysing change.

This will keep your brand relevant and alive and to see if your brand is ahead of the curve. Checking where you are on every half/year will help to enable the change your brand envisions. It’s recommended to do a impact check-in every 6 - 12 months to see where you stand and to find out where there is room for improvement.

  • Brand Consult 1,5 hour to check in what challenges the brand is facing

  • Brainstorm improvement audience interactions & communication

  • Concept presentation of new ideas

  • Action & Implementation plan

Who is it for?

All businesses that value a strong brand strategy.
Where every you are, we can work together.


You or your team have to make to workshops included in the proces. This depends on your business needs.


The average timeline for this proces takes about 3 to 5 weeks. The service can be offered online & offline.


We plant trees by donating to Justdiggit. So we compensated our CO2 to become Neutral.