STEP 1 - Create. Audience & Strategy.

STEP 1 - Create. Audience & Strategy.


We will define the world in which your brand will be rooted by capturing insights, brand proposition, different audiences, market and competition to develop your brand.

  • Capturing your insights
    You’ve observed a problem or opportunity in the world; this insight is the key to change. It is the foundation of your brand.

  • Future proof trend research
    What challenges and opportunities can we uncover? What is happening in the world on Micro, Macro and Mega trends that needs your attention to get inspired?

  • Defining your brand proposition
    Defining what you offer the world as a product or serves to address the need you have uncovered. Based on the proposition we can explore the market you will operate in.

  • Audience research
    In order to make the change you envision; you need to have a deep understanding of your audience. We will create an overview of your audience through persona research.

  • Mapping out the market& Positioning 
    Understanding who you compete with in order to build a brand that is unique and different from all the rest. It will also help to get inspiration to come up with new ideas. We will position your brand clearly and differentiated you from competition. This anchor will help to make your ‘brand making’ more efficient and effective.

  • Analyse competition
    Understanding who you compete with in order to build a brand that is unique and different from all the rest. It will also help to get inspiration to come up with new ideas.

  • Reserve resources
    Before we move to the Brand Strategy, Brand Making and Brand Building, make sure to reserve the time and resources for the entire process and the maintenance through the year.

We will develop a 360° brand compass working from the brand the core working outwards, to the brand identity, audience interaction & action plan. This is the fundament of your brand.

  • Goals setting
    Change never happens without the support of other people. By listing your goals your will uncover your brand audience.

  • Audience deep dive
    We are going to map out your primary and secondary audiences and generate ides on building the right recognition with them.

  • Defining the Brand core
    Everything starts at the core. What is the world you are working towards and what will you do to get there? We will define your Mission, Vision, Values, Essence and Promises.

  • the Brand Identity
    It’s time to translate the brand core to an outside identity. What will your brand look like and how will it address your message?

  • the Brand interactions
    How can we bring your brand to life through meaningful interactions? We will get creative to find ways to communication, connect and engage with the audience.

  • Plan of action
    Now we have created lots of great ideas, it’s time to prioritise them into an action list for the coming period. This is your brand strategy, the way in which you use your brand to achieve the impact you envision. 

Who is it for?

All businesses that value a strong brand strategy.
Where every you are, we can work together.


You or your team have to make to workshops included in the proces. This depends on your business needs.


The average timeline for this proces takes about 3 to 5 weeks. The service can be offered online & offline.


We plant trees by donating to Justdiggit. So we compensated our CO2 to become Neutral.