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BRAND BEHAVIOR STRATEGY and verbal & visual identity

Imagine a place where you can live and share, minimize your individual impact and set an example for the future. That place is ‘PLEK’.



PLEK is a dream that is slowly becoming reality. The place, initiated by pioneer and founder of Brand it Forward, Juliette Schraauwers, doesn’t exist yet but hopefully it will in a few years within the area of Oosterwold, the Netherlands. Here, the municipality wants to stimulate organic growth of private initiatives as a counterpart to highly urban Western housing. PLEK will be one of these initiatives.


Facing the world are challenges of food, water, energy and resources, which impact upon our nature, climate and environment. How can we minimize our daily impact, starting with ourselves? Can we create a space where we can restore our earth and learn from others? Can we build a circular village together with like-minded people to show the world that living sustainably is easy and fun?

Brand behavior 

Branding is such a powerful tool to get people moving forward. Brand it forward likes to put its own ideas into action and that’s why PLEK was created: to make space for those who share the vision that life can have a positive impact. The process of PLEK is ongoing with a group of 12 like-minded people.

The map of Oosterwold
The values that shape PLEK

This initiative will take place in Oosterwold, the Netherlands. Want to join us? Let us know!


What's next?

During the upcoming months the group will reserve a plot in Oosterwold. We will arrange group meet-ups to brainstorm about landscape, shared facilities and dreams. The Oosterwold process is fun and complex; we don’t know how long it will take for the group to move there. It’s all about the journey. And we are ready to get started! Do you want to be a part of this group? Just send us an email.


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