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In 2015, WWF and the Plastic Soup Foundation organized a designer day in the Netherlands in which Brand it Forward participated. As a result of the designer day, the organization chose BIF to visit Brazil together with other designers, where they and WWF-Brazil would work on a solution to the plastic waste created during the Olympics of 2016.


As respected brands that are known for their concern with plastic waste, WWF and the Plastic Soup Foundation were looking for a way to change the favela citizens’ behavior. How can we show local people in the favela that plastic is worth gold? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure: meet the ‘catadores’ of Brazil who make a living by turning garbage into jewelry, furniture and even works of art.

Brand behavior 

We designed a concept for a recycling station, which was able to turn plastic waste into something valuable: a souvenir of the iconic statue Christ the Redeemer. The station was placed in the famous Tijuca National Park during the 2016 Olympics. Local people, living in big favelas at the boundaries of the park, could bring their plastic waste and learn about the value of it: plastic is gold.


By showing that plastic is not worthless, that you can make something new out of it, the machine demonstrated to the people who brought along their plastic waste that plastic has value.


Plastic is gold

We created the brand identity for this project, translated into an animation video, teaser videos, posters and flyers.


The project was
hosted in the famous
Tijuca national park



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