Workshop / Schools

Workshop / Schools

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Are you part of an organization, event, school, group of entrepreneurs or course center and do you see the value of a strong Branding Strategy? Do you want to learn everything about branding? Or do you want to offer a valuable workshop to your clients? I offer one-day workshops to create a blueprint for any business and get an overview of your audience and there needs. This workshop is meant for groups of min. 10 people up to max. 20 people.

What will you learn?

  • Autonomy of a brand

  • Audience research

  • Brand promises

  • Persona insights

  • Brand research

  • Brand Mission, Vision, Values, Essence

  • Brand Brainstorm on Visual & Verbal Identity

  • Pitch time!

Who is it for?

  • Group of entrepreneurs

  • School / Education center

  • Workshop center

  • Events

Custom workshop?

Do you want to offer something custom made for your group?
Please drop me a message to talk about the opportunities.

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