BRAND BEHAVIOR STRATEGY & New verbal & visual identity

Motivate people forward to become the best versions of themselves.



OCA is a rehabilitation organization with 25 years of experience and 26 locations in the Netherlands. OCA works with special rehabilitation programs, which are all customized to the different clients and their specific needs.


OCA clients face difficulties such as physical and mental pain. How can we change a negative image of rehabilitation into something positive? How can we motivate clients to get their lives back?

Brand behavior 

Instead of focusing on the negative issues, Brand it Forward created a brand strategy and identity that has an optimistic approach, focusing on the possibilities and motivation for clients to become the best version of themselves

Brand identity of OCA

By making the process transparent and more personal, OCA helps people on a journey to understanding the process of getting their lives back.
Brand it Forward created two client journeys that give step-by-step insights into the process of rehabilitation.

OCA cares

OCA CARES FOR PEOPLE                                                                                                                                                                       OCA has people at its heart, so Brand it Forward made people central to the visual identity of OCA.

OCA moves forward

OCA WANTS PEOPLE TO MOVE FORWARD                                                                                                                                           With OCA the client makes a journey towards the person they once were, and they are trained to become the best version of themselves.

People can live in freedom

PEOPLE CAN LIVE IN FREEDOM                                                                                                                                                       Through OCA people get their lives back, while having the freedom to plan their route in a way that suits them.


Photo & 3D



We created a series of stories that represent the clients getting their lives back. The background was designed in 3D combined with real photography.
On the left we show the OCA rehabilitation locations and on the right clients stepping back into their lives.

OCA concept photography bike
OCA concept photography cooking
OCA concept photography violin
OCA concept photography work

Brand strategy
Brand identity (visual & verbal)
Brand interaction

Custom Website design
Custom app design
Digital newsletters

Split-screen images
Location & staff photography
Animated client journey

Booklets & Flyers
Banners & much more


what's next

Now the rebranding is finished, we are in the phase of brand interaction, which includes the development of a 24/7 app that can be integrated into the daily life of the clients. Through animations and exercise tutorials the rehabilitation process will be easier and more engaging. We also designed the interior of an OCA experience center in Almere, the Netherlands. More information will follow soon on this website.

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