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Using data to revolutionise family planning for everyone, everywhere.



Nivi believes everyone should have access to proper healthcare, especially when it concerns birth control and family planning. Therefore, they provide a free mobile phone service that gives people personal medical advice and information about family planning.


Nivi wanted to engage with more people in Kenya and encourage them to make use of Nivi’s service. They came up with a plan to create buyer personas and accompanying buyer’s journeys that could help them create different marketing campaigns to reach different groups of women within Kenya.


The Brandling, how was responsible for the strategy and creative direction, asked Brand it forward to co-create a brand identity that would appeal to a wide range of women living in different areas. The two dots represents two people caring over ‘the family’.

Nivi Logo
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Everyone should have access to accurate family planning information and the ability to choose the method that is right for them.


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