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Green School Effect

Imagine a world where the next generation of world leaders fundamentally restore our earth. A world in which we as human become part of the ecosystem once again. In which we do not eradicate species, but make words like "climate change" disappear from our dictionaries and cultivate everything we claim, but isn't ours.

It is no longer a secret that we are in a global crisis, the complexity of our existence on earth seems more complicated than ever. It is not economic or financial crises, it is the one in which we find ourselves. The crisis that can be felt in every fibre of our existence. But we have completely ignored for years. Our actions have an immense negative impact on our planet, our consumer behaviour is an endless chain of raw materials, energy and exploitation, we divide the world in an unfair and destructive way. Because we think began to believe that we need it, we own it, we want it. Fortunately, we know deep in our hearts that we are…


9th B-day

WAUW!! It's our 9th B-day! Can't be more proud of what has happened over the last 9 years. I know, you might think, why to celebrate your 9th birthday. But I have the feeling that we are so much focused on the goal. That we forget to celebrate the beautiful moments in between. So for me, that means celebrating this moment, right now. It's also a wonderful opportunity to look back and to look ahead. I have so much respect for all the Change makers I have worked with over the last years. It gives me the joy to see that I had a role in their lives, creating the dreams and change they envisioned. I'm so grateful to work with people how are passionate and have a greater purpose that goes beyond themselves. Helping others, creating a positive impact, finding new ways and paths to reach their full potential. Over the last view years, I have grown as well. Side by side with the Change makers I collaborated with. More and more I found the connection between Branding for Purpose and the Personal drive. The intersection of Branding and Self-care has become more important because I can see it's all connected. It's one. This inner personal drive is where change starters. And how do you connect this to the outer world? How do you live and lead the change you envision in the world? This helped me to shape my own perspective on life, a more meaningful on that comes from my own purpose; to live an lead a holistic life. Slowly this is evolving, and it takes time. The journey so far is incredible, with ups and downs. But it is worth every step on the way.I am exsited to step into the future and learn, experiment and create from my own intrinsic being. This year is the year where a lot of things will come together. My purpose is getting stronger and I keep nourishing it by working together with some amazing people. They let me see what the world can become if we combine our strengths. So a big shoutout to all the caring individuals that came on my path @the_Brandling @Zareb @Upstarter @DebbyBlue @SophieHolt @marlene @scenes @Liekedols @buildersdistroyers @Judith.dw @Mark Thank you for all of your effort to make life more sustainable.

🎵 PING 🎵

‘You have one new comment on your Linkedin post’ – says the right top notification on my screen. My dopamine level is rising, keen to find out what the response is. I just launched my new website on wish I’ve been working on for an entire week. ⁣

I open the message and it says: "Interesting challenge, however: fragile google translating..." ⁣

*&#@%! is the first taught popping up my head. A feeling that is not strange to me; people trying to correct my spelling mistakes. As a child, I had to deal with this every day. At a young age I struggled with reading and learning, and soon 'Dyslexia' was diagnosed. A stamp, a label, a handicap they told me. Back then I was the only one in my class, nowadays 5 in 100 people/children have Dyslexia.⁣

Old frustrations are boiling up while I read the message over and over again. How should I respond to this message? This person wants to provide me with well-intentioned feedback. At the same time, another strong feeling arises….