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Care for Destinations is a review platform that empowers travellers to improve the quality of worldwide destinations.



The platform enables every traveler to share and rate their positive or negative experiences about the destinations they’ve visited. As a result, Care for Destinations gives individuals a voice to exert a positive impact on policymakers and offers prospects for action in the future for NGOs and GOs to mobilize citizens.


In terms of their brand, the initiators were facing the challenge: how can we create a strong brand experience that activates the power of sharing knowledge online and appeals to different engaging audiences? How can we create an identity that speaks for itself and also speaks a universal language that can be understood around the world?


During a 2-day workshop we formulated the brand strategy that would be the basis for activating the engaging audiences. Care for……… invites everyone involved to fill in the gap. By sharing what their eyes observe and see, consumers, businesses and governments can collaborate to preserve the world. What do you care for?

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Care for Destinations empowers travellers to rate their favorite destinations on earth, to enable local businesses and governments to preserve the quality of tourist destinations.






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Brand identity

Care for Destinations has the power to start a bottom-up movement that allows travellers to have a positive impact on the ever-changing tourism industry. Together with partners like WWF, UNESCO and Green Destinations they can cultivate sustainable tourism for good. It’s now possible to test the BETA version of the platform and leave a review of a destination, so together we can make the world beautiful again. Its visual identity reflects earth’s beauty; we created a palette that represents the colourful world.

Care for Oceans logo

CARE FOR OCEANS                       

Oceans are beautiful, and the greatest source of life. We depend on them and together we need to keep them healthy.

Care for Nature logo


Nature is often an important element of a tourist destination. We need to collaborate in order to protect and restore the natural assets of the destination.

Care for future

CARE FOR FUTURE                  

We see a world in which consumers, businesses and governments collaborate to preserve the destination for future generations.

Care for the future

CARE FOR PEOPLE                   

People are the heart of a destination.
We need to make sure local communities benefit from tourism.


Portraits telling the story.

We took photos of the team in beautiful green surroundings combined with the ‘EYE’ logo. Holding the logo in front of their own eyes gives it a unique contrast that pops.

Care for destinations photography
Care for destinations photography
Care for destinations photography
Care for destinations photography
Care for Destinations-card.jpg

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