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The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment joined forces with Dutch businesses to challenge the waste issues that Rio de Janeiro was facing for the Olympics in 2016.



Rio de Janeiro was challenged to create long- and short-term solutions to the massive water and waste problems before the start of the 2016 Olympics. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment joined forces with the Dutch business community to help Rio in this important task. Can Rio de Janeiro deliver a long-term legacy?


Brand it Forward was asked to create a visually interesting book to activate the Brazilian government and to show the possibilities and solutions that the Netherlands can offer in terms of waste and water treatment. The goal of the book was to offer hands-on solutions to bring Rio de Janeiro closer to being a circular city before the 2016 Olympics.


Brand it Forward wanted the book to be eye-catching, as it also serves as a business card for the Netherlands. Therefore we wanted the cover to be both unique and relevant to the subject. We brought the image of waves, iconic of Rio de Janeiro, into the overall concept and into the photographs we took during our trip to Rio for the WWF project.

The Guardian about the initiative

This project was also published on the Guardian website. Read the full article below. 


Clean Urban Delta Initiative

The lenticular cover is made from cardboard, which feels and looks like the ripple of water. If you look from one angle, you can see the name of the book; if you look from another, you see the world, including the issues that are being addressed inside the book.


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