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UPDATE 23 JULY 2019: If you are interested in this project, please make sure to sign up on our website and we will keep you up to date on the process.

Imagine a world where the next generation of world leaders fundamentally restore our earth. A world in which we as human become part of the ecosystem once again. In which we do not eradicate species, but make words like "climate change" disappear from our dictionaries and cultivate everything we claim, but isn't ours.

It is no longer a secret that we are in a global crisis, the complexity of our existence on earth seems more complicated than ever. It is not economic or financial crises, it is the one in which we find ourselves. The crisis that can be felt in every fibre of our existence. But we have completely ignored for years. Our actions have an immense negative impact on our planet, our consumer behaviour is an endless chain of raw materials, energy and exploitation, we divide the world in an unfair and destructive way. Because we think began to believe that we need it, we own it, we want it.

Fortunately, we know deep in our hearts that we are facing a new reality. That we have to adapt and change more than ever. Where years ago the problems were a 'far from our bed show', it is starting to become part of our daily life, it is slowly becoming tangible in our own environment. The facts enter our consciousness, when we continue like this, we exterminate ourselves and everything around us. The world we so desire, use and exploit begins to turn against us. We begin to experience the disadvantages of our behaviour because generations before us made choices, which we now know that they do not benefit us. Gandhi's words begin to take on an essential form

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Our thoughts about the future of the earth are unravelling and a clear picture of the consequences of our behaviour is created. We do not have a choice anymore, we have to do it. Now. Taking responsibility together, changing our behaviour and just doing it. The conscious movement begins to take on a solid form, we realize that we are the problem and that is why we are also the solution.

We, the next generation, want it differently, we want to learn how. So, we get to understand who we are and that we can make the right choices in every step forward. We want to claim our creativity back, to be able to use it for innovation, behavioural change and all the unthinkable possibilities that await us. We want to work with the earth instead of working against it. We want to claim our education back, to learn what is important, not only for ourselves but for everything around us. We cannot do this alone, we have help, guidance, insight and inspiration for it.

At the moment, the way we educate the future generation is hardly a reflection of the reality in which we live, let alone the reality that our children will end up in 20 or 30 years. If we really want to change the way we interact with the world we have to find a way to prepare this next generation for these immense challenges. And while doing so, they can teach us along the way. Bottom-up change, instead of the top down adult made structures, seems like the best way forward. Change from within, the essence, the source, the chain of life, changing the way we think & act from an early age.


My name is Juliette Schraauwers, 31 years old and born in the Netherlands. I’ve been a fan of the Green school for a long time now. As a young kid growing up asking myself “WHY” all the time. Why do we use drinking water to flush the toilet? Why can’t I start a business at 5? Why do I have to learn in school what grownups think is right for me? 

By the age of 6, I was told I have Dyslexia “You have to learn to live with a handicap” – they said. I thought I was sick and different and handicapped. But a view years later I realized it’s actually my strength. My creative side was more developed and I learn to explore that myself. Because school was not providing the education to find my true self or work on my creative side. To make a long story short, my life has always been good to me, school was always a struggle but I never ever thought about quitting. So this is not a sad story about my life. Being a positive person made me how I am today. I decided to study Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and from there I started working as a passionate Sustainable Brand Developer (freelancer) for Social Change makers around the world, now known as I have been working for many great companies, such as WWF in Brazil, The Brandling, Care for Destinations and the Ministry of infrastructure and environment. I was involved in a brainstorming group from like-minded people from all over the world in Prague to think about the future of education (GEF, Global Education Futures).

I feel a deep a strong connection to what the Green school is providing in this world. For a view year now I’ve been exploring the opportunity to get more involved in the future of education. The Dutch government, businesses and companies strive towards a Circular Economy, but our education is falling behind. I believe we have to start at the source of our society, the future generation. I came to the conclusion that I want to dedicate my life to “Educating the next generation of sustainable world leaders” and to take action on John Hardy's call to action to the world in his first TEDx talk by starting Green School's around the world.



I am reaching out to you because I want to bring together a tribe of change makers, teachers, parents, dreamers, kids, investors that share the same values to make this happen. So far anyone I talk to is very interested and wants to help. 

If you want to collaborate to make this happen, please send get connected.

UPDATE 23 JULY 2019: If you are interested in this project, please make sure to sign up on our website and we will keep you up to date on the process.

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Juliette Schraauwers