Our 9th Birthday

WAUW!! It's our 9th B-day! Can't be more proud of what has happened over the last 9 years. I know, you might think, why celebrating your 9th birthday?But I have the feeling that we are so much focused on the goal, that we forget to celebrate the beautiful moments in between. So for me, that means celebrating this moment, right now. I have so much respect for all the Change makers I have worked with over time. It gives me great joy to see that I played a role in their lives, creating the change they envisioned. I'm so grateful to work with people how are passionate and have a greater purpose that goes beyond themselves.

Over the last view years, I have grown as well. Side by side with the Change makers I collaborated with. More and more I found the connection between Purpose at the intersection of Branding and Self-care. It's all connected. It's one. This inner drive is where change starters. How do you live and lead the change you envision in the world? This helped me to shape my own perspective on life, a more meaningful one that comes from my own purpose; to live an lead a holistic life. Slowly this is evolving, and it takes time. And for sure I make mistakes along the way. The journey so far is incredible, with ups and downs. But it is worth every learning moment on the way.⁣

I am excited to step into the future and learn, experiment and create from my own intrinsic being. I have the feeling this year will be the year where things will unite. My purpose is getting stronger and I nourish it by working together with some amazing people. They let me see what the world can become if we work together.

So a shout out to all the caring individuals that came on my path:
@the_brandling @zarebhoeve@de_upstarter @debbyblue_@studiosoph @m10punkt@scenes____ @liekedols@destroyersbuilders @judith.dw@markmarinus87@carefordestinations @smartvitaal@mindsetmovers @wwfbrasil

Thank you for all of your effort to make life more sustainable!

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Juliette Schraauwers