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As a brand, you can encourage people to live a healthy life, from the inside out and from the outside in.



Beyuna wants to inspire people worldwide to make an important contribution to the personal health of people, in a societal and economically responsible way, through the right resources and services.


When Beyuna was faced with the task of putting its products on the market, it needed a strong brand strategy and identity to interact with its audiences. How can we change people’s lives from the inside out and the outside in?


Brand it Forward created a visual and a verbal identity to stand out from the crowd, one that reflects Beyuna as a lifestyle company, from the inside out and the outside in. We also designed the packaging, website and app.







Beyuna wants to inspire people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, inside out and outside in. We focused not only on engaging the audience by connecting with them through a lifestyle platform.

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We brought together the logo, website, package design of the magazine supplements and a colorful animation explaining the concept.
The logo refers to a stopwatch; the two dots, which are integrated into the whole brand identity, invite you to improve: your time, your health, your life, your future.


Beyuna works in different countries across Europe. Working on a bigger scale makes it easier when you have the right tools.
We created a brand book that can be used by anyone working with the brand identity. 


Beyuna: app


Brand strategy
Brand identity (visual & verbal)
Brand interaction

Custom website design
Custom app design
Digital newsletters

Split-screen images
Location & staff photography
Animated client journey

Booklets & flyers
Banners & much more


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