Align the goals of your organisation to the needs of your audience — become a future ready brand.

Rethink your Brand.
Change. Create. Impact.

Winner Freelancer of the Year Award 2016


Brand development, workshops & diy online courses for impact Business.


We rethink the impact you envision by building a sustainable brand strategy, a powerful identity, meaningful interactions, and memorable experiences. We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your audience to build a brand that people love.



Audience & Strategy
We will develop a a 360° brand compass by getting clear on your who you are serving to the why, how and what; working from the core outwards, to the brand identity, audience interaction & action plan.
This is the fundament of your brand.



Design & Experience
Bring all the insights and ideas to life by creating a scalable, meaningful and memorable brand face and voice. Creating unique experiences for your audience enables the change your envision.



Launch & Grow
Now it’s time to launch your brand. Let’s make it count. Building a brand is an ongoing process of developing new ways to interact with your audience through meaningful engagement, to grow your reputation and catalysing change.



What is the brand you envision to be?



Your brand is not owned by your business, it’s owned by the engaging audience who draw meaning from it.


Catch your wave. get connected.


How clients value working with me.

She is highly motivated, positive, creative and constructive. It was a real pleasure to work with her. Without a doubt, I would work with Juliette on the next project.

She has an eye for details and understands what we wanted to achieve. The way in which she made certain points clear to us was unexpected but above all very clever. Without her we could never have achieved this.
I truly believe that Brand it forward creativity and dedication can contribute to a more sustainable world and I recommend working with her for outstanding result!

If you need help with the start of your business for (re)branding. You want to work with an inspiring and committed person! We would recommend Juliette based on our experiences a success.
— Lucas IJsbrandy, Owner of OCA & Beyuna
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2010- present // Worked with over 200 change makers from 15 different countries.

2018 // Wild Card Participant @ Nudge Global impact challenge.

2016 // Winner Freelancer of the year award for Design & Strategy.

2013 // Nominee Sex & Media prize for her graduation project

Juliëtte is the founder of Brand it forward & #DIYBRAND. It’s her dream to tackle social & climate challenges by transforming change making organizations to outperform traditional businesses. By working with her, she is able to donate 10% of her time to start a Green School in the Netherlands.

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